Summer grants!

Our thesis student, Justine Vorvis, and our Research Opportunity Program student, Ruoqi Huang, were awarded grants to work in the lab this summer! Justine was awarded an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) and Ruoqi was awarded an University of Toronto Excellence Award (UTEA)! Congrats Justine and Ruoqi!

Congratulations Josh and Justine!

Our thesis students, Josh Koh and Justine Vorvis, will be starting grad school as PhD students at the University of Toronto this coming September! Josh will be joining Alexander Barnett’s lab and Justine will be joining Amy Finn and Don Mabbot’s lab. Congratulations, Josh and Justine!

Read our latest paper – November 11th 2021

Check out our new paper, “Single‐Trajectory Multiple‐Target Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsonian Mobility and Cognition” in Movement Disorders. In this collaborative project, we assessed the feasibility of adding a stimulation site in the cholinergic basal forebrain to DBS treatments in Parkinson’s Disease. While chronic stimulation did not improve cognition, we did find that accuse stimulation of the basal …

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Check out our new paper! – December 1st 2021

Check out our new paper, “Events structure information accessibility less in children than adults” in Cognition. In it, we show that children—like adults—appear to hold the details of recent experiences in mind during an event, but drop them when they perceive the beginning of a new event. They just don’t do this quite as well as adults. …

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